Attention Musketeer fandom! All artists and creators: your work is being stolen.


An Instagram run by musketeers_and_borgias, tumblr handle borgiafan, has been reposting art, manips, gifs, etc. from the Musketeers fandom. I’m fairly certain that every single post tagged #musketeersedit on tumblr has been reposted at some point. 

Reposting is not the same as reblogging. The Instagram has been screenshotting or re-uploading images and passing them off as their own, with no credit (except in cases where they went back after I asked them to take down uncredited work). 

Please know that musketeers_and_borgia’s actions are not those of the oblivious or innocent. I have testimonies, published on my blog, from multiple tumblr users saying that they were given false promises or downright ignored when they asked for their work to be taken down. Others were intimidated into letting their work be reposted. Hours after I called borgiafan out yesterday, they reposted another manip on their Instagram.

I’ve made a Google Doc of screenshots to record stolen artwork, though I simply can’t screenshot them all. There are months and months of reposted work. I recommend that if you have ever made a Musketeers edit, then you should check the Instagram for your work. 

Here’s what to do if you find your work there: 

1. If you have an Instagram account, comment on the post and ask musketeers_and_borgias to take it down. Screenshot the page so you have evidence of your request. (I made an Instagram account especially to comment on my stolen posts. It takes about two minutes.) 

2. They also have a tumblr at borgiafan, but do not have an ask box. I have been sending them fan mail because I follow them. If this recourse is available to you, send a message. Screenshot this as well. 

3. If they do not answer or take the post down, you can report a copyright infringement on Instagram. Here’s how: 

  • Click on the arrow next to the username. “Report User” will appear; click on that.
  • Screen shot 2014-09-18 at 10.59.09 PM.png
  • Click on “Intellectual Property.”
  • Click on “Copyright.” When the text unfolds, go to the bottom of the text block and click “Report copyright infringements.”
  • Click on “How do I report a claim of copyright infringement?” When the text unfolds, click “online form” - the first blue link in the third paragraph down.
  • Fill out the form.

I got away with using the bare basics, as so (with certain info redacted): 

Your name (name and surname) : [Hippity Hoppity]
Email : [mine]
Confirm your email address : [mine]
Where is the rights owner based? : USA
Who owns the copyright? : Me
Name of the rights owner : [Hippity Hoppity]
What type of content are you reporting? : Photo(s), video(s)
Please provide links (URLs) leading directly to the specific content you are reporting. :
Why are you reporting this content? : This content copies my work
Which of these best describes your original copyrighted work? : Artwork I created
Where can we see an authorized example of your work? :
Electronic signature : [Hippity Hoppity]

The link I listed in the above report has since been taken down. I’m hopeful that if we all band together and insist on our artwork being artwork being taken down, then the Instagram user will listen to us.

This is a serious problem. There have been plagiarists cropping up in the fandom recently and we need to work together to put a stop to it. We have a right to be taken seriously as artists and creators. We have a right to enjoy fandom without worrying about policing those who would steal from us. We have a right to the notes, follows, and fandom recognition that come with content creation.

We have got to show them that we will not stand for our hard work to be stolen and used for personal gain. Please help me in calling them out. Find your artwork and ask for it to be taken down. If you recognize someone else’s work, please let that creator know. 

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