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1.05 | The Homecoming 


Aramis: Anger

For such an easy-going and generally reasonable fella, Aramis can get quite the temper when the people he cares about are threatened.


Due to popular request (*cough* crabsandlobsters *cough* tehriz), the lovely alicialuar and I have worked together to bring you an English version of this fantastic interview.

"He could have made only the roles of lover, but over a decade this Chilean actor based in London has developed an attractive and varied international career in television and film. This year he’s back as one of the protagonists of the British television series The Musketeers, which has been available to watch through Netflix and whose second season is being recorded now. Here he tells us of his craft, and passion for his work, as well as what it is like to work with celebrities like Nicole Kidman. 

Because of his physique, charisma and presence, Santiago Cabrera could be predestined for roles as the Latino heartthrob stereotype that international productions reserve to actors from our region. But at his 36 years, this Chilean born in Venezuela, based in London and married to theater director Anna Marcea, has developed an interesting and attractive career that now spans more than a decade, covering different types of characters in television and film. Son of a Chilean diplomat, he got used to live in cities like Toronto and Madrid, although he studied in Chile and much of his adult life has been spent in London, where he trained as an actor at the Drama Centre, founded half a century ago and whose classrooms have had such prominent names as Michael Fassbender, Paul Bettany and Pierce Brosnan, or the Oscar winner Colin Firth. 

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i’m the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral

2/? of the completely serious musketeers manips series